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HI! I'm Erin. . .

. . . and I'm an accomplished art director and designer with over a decade of design experience. 

Growing up, I was surrounded by makers; my mother was a crafter that rivaled Martha Stewart, and my father could take Bob Villa to town when it came to building and fixing anything and everything. 

My mother taught me to sew and crochet before I got to kindergarten, and my father taught me about power tools and the proper way to hang a shelf. They both encouraged my creative nature and instilled an attitude of "I could probably just make that" in me. This unchecked, DIY attitude inevitably led me into a creative field and where I continue to use a hands-on approach in my designs. Today, I'm still an avid maker; I love to sew and knit and own too many craft supplies for my apartment's size. 


I've spent most of my career working in children's publishing, focusing mainly on Licensed Publishing. What is "Licensed Publishing," you ask? In the simplest terms, it means that I get to work with some of the world's largest brands, creating new publishing lines that offer people of all ages a new way to interact with their favorite brands. 


I'm currently living the freelance life in my new hometown, Philadelphia, but I'm open to all opportunities. Want to work together? Drop me a line! 


The techy stuff: 

I have extensive experience in Adobe Creative Cloud (InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator), Adobe Fresco, Procreate, and Microsoft Office, with a working knowledge of content management tools, After Effects, HTML, and CSS. I have expert knowledge of design and layout techniques essential for creating appealing book covers, packaging, and marketing materials. 


Want to know more about me? Check out my Instagram, LinkedIn profile, or download my resume.

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